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    Importing fp5 records



      Importing fp5 records


      I have 40 fp5 files I need to get the records out of. what is the easiest way to get these into filemaker 10? These files are such a mess with scripts and forgotten bits that when I tried to convert them over to fp7 it didnt work right.

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          Best bet is to simply import the data from your converted FMP 5 files into new files. In Import records, you've got a new table option that'll enable you to both import the data and the field definitions in one step if you care to use that method. (You may have to edit some calculation fields after import.)


          You'll also be able to selectively import converted scripts and/or copy and paste layout elements from your converted files if you so choose.


          Final recomendation: If you don't have FMP advanced, scrape up the extra dollars and get it. The database design report and script debugger will be invaluable to you during this process.