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    Importing fp7 files



      Importing fp7 files


      Hi everyone,

      I have just taken over a File Maker Pro (v 10) database and am sorting through a few problems. The one I need to solve is detailed below, but I'll just provide a bit of background first.  

      We have two databases - one is known as a provider database, which is list of organisations and their particular services and contact information. The other is a caller questionnaire database which we update daily as calls come in from potential customers. We are required to report to federal authorities on the number of calls, the type of calls, the state they originate from and a number of other data. The calls are copied to a backup file at the end of every month and a NEW customer file (database) is started for the next month.

      Recently our operations were physically moved from one location to another. While I was on leave the  File Maker Pro database was re-installed by our IT section.  I realised when I returned that copies of the database had been copied against each operators profile - we have three custmer service operators. Essentially each call operator was updating their own provider and caller database (caller questionnaire) and not the Host (main) database. I managed to sort out the provider database (fortunately it's mostly used as a lookup) so that everyone's PC  was pointing to the host PC.

      However I now have three separate caller questionnaire databases that I need to import into the main caller questionnaire database. Is this just a simple case of using the import facility - and if so can I specify that files be added to the customer questionnaire and that any copies of caller questionnaires be overwritten and updated if there's new data?

      The other problem I have is that the main caller questionnaire database now includes several month's data. How can I export a specific month's data to the backup file so that what's remaining is the current month's data ( in this case April). I presume it's by exporting a date range but I can't see how to do it (yet). Hope someone out there can help with these two issues.

      Many thanks in advance.

      John Ivanac
      TAFE NSW

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          When you import from a file is already open as a source it will import the found set into the target table. IOW, open each of those files and find the records that you want to put into the main file. Then go to the main file (target) and to a layout based off a TO of that table that you want to import the records into. Import from each of the 3 source files which you already have the found set of sources records for.


          As a reminder, I would make backups of everything before you start just in case one of the imports are muffed.

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            hi Mr_Vodka,

            Thanks for the SUPER speedy reply. I went through the import process carefully and successfully updated all my records. I also made backups of the databases without any problem. Thanks!


            PS Can you help with the second part of the question in my post. Is it possible to backup  the current questionnaire database which contains several hundred records (from Feb - April)  into separate files organized by month? Our customer records have always been saved by month and year.

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              Its probably easier to export the data instead of saving a copy with only that specific date range data. IOW, you could save a file every month with only that specific data by finding a found set of records per the date, show the omitted only ( everything else ) and then delete found set of records. This will leave you will only your orig found record.


              But again, it probably easier to just make period backups and save the entire file as a point in time backup or export just the found set into a new file. You can use a fp7 file format if you want it to be a FileMaker file.

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                THanks for this information.

                SHould all be OK now.

                Cheers from Down Under
                John Ivanac
                TAFE NSW