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Importing from a file: a question re stategy

Question asked by ralvy on Dec 22, 2009


Importing from a file: a question re stategy


Just added a new table to the data file of my solution (I use data separation here) and want to adjust the import script my client will use when they receive the new solution. The import script goes though tables, one at a time, using Matching Names, and has always worked. The problem, of course, is the final, new, table.


I created the import step using a source file that is of the new version of the solution, so Matching Names looks good in the Import Order screen. But, when I see what will happen if the source file is of the version the client has (without the new table), Filemaker takes the first table it sees as the source table (because it doesn't see the new table in the older source file). If I'm lucky, none of the field names will match (as is the case this time), so I won't have to worry about an errant import. I can just have the script capture the error 409 and not worry about it. But what if some of the field names did indeed match? I don't see a way to tell Filemaker not to perform this step when the *table* names don't match, which would solve this problem.


I can see a workaround where the script skips the import of the final new table if it sees a special text file in the same folder, and then deletes that text file after completion of the script. I can use Troi File to handle the file stuff. Or maybe I can use a global field in the solution that has a certain value if the script hasn't been run, skipping the final table import, and then have the script change that value after the script completes.


There must be a more straightforward way to do this. No?