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    importing from Artbase ?



      importing from Artbase ?


           I'm a very basic user of FileMaker Pro and would like to know if it is at all possible to import data in FileMaker from Artbase !

           Thanks for your help


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               I know nothing of Artbase, but FileMaker can import data from a large number of standard file formats. If you can export the data from Artbase into a file of one of those types, FileMaker can import it.

               It may also be possible to set up an ODBC connection to ArtBase in order to access or import the data.

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                 This is Artbase Info - it is Filemaker based   http://www.gallerysoftware.com/
                 It allows some imports, seemingly no exports....


            Company Website
                 The first solution in the marketplace was introduced in 1991. Originally designed as an installed software solution, it is now an exclusively a server installed program that must run within your business location. It includes Inventory as well as Contact Management solutions. These capabilities are handled quite expertly. Large omissions are website integration, POS, and Email marketing.


            •           Works on any computer: Mac, PC, Linux
            •           Unlimited support
            •           No long-term contracts


            •           Not a web-based solution
            •           Can not be accessed when away from business location
            •           Requires additional FileMaker Pro software license
            •           No integrated website solution
            •           No Build Your Website capability
            •           Requires computer configuration and network management expertise
            •           No POS module (requires external POS terminal)
            •           No Quickbooks integration
            •           Does not offer Auctions
            •           Does not offer complete email marketing solution
            •           Offers no online marketplace for marketing your goods