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    importing from email



      importing from email


      just wondering i have a website that allows people to enter their information, the website then emails me the information, is it possible, im using mac osx to then import data through email? or if theres a quick way to do this instead of me copying and pasting across each piece of information



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          I used to get my website to simply email me course registrations. Then I had to copy/paste the information into my database. Now the web site has a MySQL backend and my FileMaker Pro database links directly to that. That would be a longer term solution for you.


          Obviously your emails from your web site will have a consistent format at least in the data area. So what you could do is to copy/paste the entire data block from the email into a global field and use a script to parse it out from there into a new record.


          I still get emails like this for newsletter subscriptions:


          Joe Bloggs has subscribed to the newsletter.

          Email: joeb@hiscompany.com.au

          Company: His Company Pty Ltd


          This data can be easily parsed out into separate name, email and company fields.


          If you want help with that, post a fictitious sample data in the exact format you get it in your email. I will script a solution given that data is in a global field. 

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               You could set Mail rules to run an Applescript automatically on reception of  form data. The script would parse the received data, create a new record in Filemaker and populate it.