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Importing from Excel into repeating field?

Question asked by ChristopherKessler on Jun 27, 2014
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Importing from Excel into repeating field?


     I have a database with a repeating field (4 repeats), and have an excel spreadsheet with a single field that contains up to four different items. Currently these items are separated by semi-colons, but when I import them they are put into the first repeat as "item1;item2;item3..."

     I have tried separating them with commas, and with carriage returns, but they still import into the first repeat and not into the others. Is there a way to have Filemaker import them into the separate repeats? I have found this article ( that claims an options box should appear for managing repeating data, but this does not pop up.

     My import is about 5300 records, and I have two such repeating fields to import, so hopefully this can be done automatically without having to use an options dialogue box for each record.