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Importing from excel to filemaker using 2 tables

Question asked by camillabradshaw on Feb 18, 2014
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Importing from excel to filemaker using 2 tables


     I have set up a filemaker pro 12 database for a conference which i am running. company details are in one table and delegate details are in another table. The two are related by a company code (automatically generated on creation of a new company record) which links delegates to their parent company.

     I would like to import a list of delegates into the database but some of the information is held in the company table and some in the delegate table.. When importing, i can create new company records and input the company information (company address etc) but does anyone know if i can import the delegate details at the same time? (which would mean creating a new delegate record which is linked to the company record)

     I don't seem to be able to import into 2 tables at the same time..