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Importing from Filemaker 5

Question asked by donjuancarlos_1 on Sep 18, 2009
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Importing from Filemaker 5


I am moving our company databases from Filemaker 5.5 to 10. 


To start, I copied our Filemaker 5.5 databases, then converted them to .fp7 files.  Then I spent a few weeks updating the layouts of the fp7 versions to match the functionality that we have with our Intranet site (It is written in CDML, and with the increased functionality of FP10, we no longer need it).


So now I have these databases with 3-week old data in them (plus some garbage data I added while testing).  I am not given the option to import from Filemaker 5.  Can someone suggest the most painless way to bring the data over?