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    importing global fields with the import script step....



      importing global fields with the import script step....


           Ok i had a issue with my global fields in two tables not importing from one runtime solution to a updated version of the same runtime, now i think i solved the issue but would like to confirm with someone if what i thought was the problem is in fact the problem.

           I think the reason that my globals were not importing is because when the backups were made there was no records in the table meaning the total record count was 0, i think that adding a script trigger on layout enter that adds a new record if the total record count is 0 and THEN a backup file is made it seems to import fine...does a table full of global fields need to have at least one record in order to be able to import the global field data into a updated solution?

           fixing bugs is one thing but understanding the bugs i feel is way more important :)