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    importing group list from Entourage



      importing group list from Entourage


      I just upgraded to the Lion OS on a new imac.

      I run a small nonprofit with an html newsletter posted on our website semi-monthly, and announced to my 1000 member base by an email. The group list had been kept in a Microsoft Entourage group list. It was barely adequate to the task, but worked well enough to keep it, as is. 

      With Lion, Entourage is now defunct, and although Mac Mail works OK for email, the address book functions of Mail make it obvious that this is the time to upgrade my group list to something a little more capable to the task. I got Filemaker Pro, mostly to handle this email task, and to let me expand it as i need.  Today I spent the afternoon learning how to build a simple database to serve as the holder of this subscriber list. It's got 4 fields: email, lastname, firstname, and comment. 

      My problem is that the entire 1000 name list is in a text file exported from Entourage, with one person per line. But it's not comma-delineated. Nor are the lines internally consistent, since some lines show first, last, and email, while many more of them only show email addresses. I'm wondering if anbybody in this community has a bright idea about how to convert the lines  into records within a Filemaker database, without forcing me to import ther data field by field per record, through copy and paste.

      I am certainly willing to go back to the original Entourage group file, even there's some mechanism i missed that will let me export it in a form more copasetic to FM.  I looked again today, but i can find no export technique that will give me the 1000 names in any form besides what i now have. 

      I suppose another alternative is to hire a high school kid for a few days, to do something that will make my old eyes turn blurry. 


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          Try importing with the tab delimitted option and see if the values in this text field will align to fields in your table. There's an arrow button you can click to see how the actual data aligns with your fields as you set up the Import Records operation.

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            Thanks for the tip, Phil. It worked as good as one might expect, given the messay state of the original text file. A filemaker import  poured all 1000 names into the email field of the new database. From there i have to do a bunch of tweaking by hand, because about 1/3 the entries also have a first and last name, and i want to get them in their own fields, to make it easier to manage wrong addresses. If i repair 50 a day, that's soo nenough for me. 

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              You may be able to use Replace field contents with the calculation option to copy the name info into other fields. This would save you a lot of hand editing. When experimenting with this tool, read up on it first in FileMaker help, then make a back up copy. With the back up copy in hand, you can toss the current file and try again with the back up if you mess up and end up with thousands of records with the wrong data.