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Importing in live database

Question asked by ZiteMedia on May 20, 2013
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Importing in live database



     i currently use different databases, not in FM.  Bento for my Leads and Podio for my Accounts, and... etc....  A mess.

     So i'll now try and start building one FM database to manage it all.

     In the mean time however, as i realise it's going to take me weeks to get the FM database finalised or at least useable, i will have to keep using my other applications which will continuously get more populated.

     As i will use auto entry of serial numbers in some of the tables, what is the best way to proceed?

     Should i just start with empty databases or with just some test-records?  Or should i start the entire building of the FM database with an import of all my existing records of the other applications?  And in this 2nd scenario, how will the auto enter behave?  Will it allocate serial numbers starting from zip?  And what will happen when, in a few weeks, i will import the new records that were created in the other applications?

     Basically i just want to ensure i approach this the right way as from the start and avoid finding myself in a another mess in a few weeks from now.

     Any tips or support would be much appreciated.