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    importing information from one layout to another



      importing information from one layout to another




        I have a database with several tables, all of which contain a certain type of information about a study.  Each study has a specific protocol number that is unique to that study, and so I have linked the tables using this unique number.   So, here is one one main table (Table A) that has the protocol number, the name, and the lead investigator as wel as bunch of other information. Then there are other tables B-D.  Each table B-D has a field for the protocol number, and in the layout I brought the fields for study title and investigator from Table A into the layout I use for table B-D so that once I enter in the protocol number, it just automatically puts the matching invesitgator and study title into the layout.


      okay, phew, so my problem is that I want to enter in a study title and investigator before the study gets assigned a protocol number, but when I go to table B-D, it won't let me type anything into the field for study title and investigator.  is there an easier way to do this?






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          This sounds like an issue that I've had to deal with. In our situation we have invoices with a related line items table. It would make sense to use the Invoice Number to relate the main invoice record with the Line Items record, but....


          The invoices are printed on an NCR form that comes with the invoice number pre-printed. To make things worse, there are three printers with three sets of invoice numbers and no way to predict which tag will be printed on which printer.


          So I had to define a serial number field that is hidden from the users and used it to relate my two tables. The invoice number became a value that was stored in a different field and was not added until the invoice was printed.


          I suggest you do something similar. Use an auto-generated serial number to relate your tables and make your Protocol Number field a separate item. Now you can start populating your Table A fields before you assign a protocol number.