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    Importing into a repeating field



      Importing into a repeating field



      We have information in an excel file. Up to 75 cells. Is there a way to copy and past, import, write a script, or any way at all, to take that excel information and bring it into a repeating field in PFM?


      I've created a field with 75 repetitions but when i go to past into it, it pastes all the info into one cell.





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          "75 repetitions" strongly suggests you need a table of related records in place of your repetitions.


          That said, you can script things to use set field in a loop that specifies a different repetition to store a value in each repetition. You'd import your data into a secondary table and then run a script with a double loop. The outer loop would step through your records, the inner loop steps through your repetitions.


          Here's what the inner loop might look like:


          Set Variable [$Rep ; Value: 1 ]


            Set Field [YourTable::YourRepeatingField[$Rep] ; /* Expression to extract text from your imported data */]

            Set Variable [$Rep ; Value: $Rep + 1 ]

            Exit Loop If [$Rep > 75 ]

          End Loop

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               I am not familiar with a table of related records. If this is a better way to go? How does it work?
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              To fill in more background info on this concept, look up "Portal" in the Filemaker help system. A portal is a useful way of displaying a group of records from a related table.


              You define additional tables in Manage | Database | Tables

              You define the fields in Manage | Database | FIelds

              You link them in relationships using Manage | Database | Relationships by dragging from the field in one table (table Occurrence actually) to a field in another. You can specify a simple matching value relationship with = (this is the default choice) or by selecting other operators such as < or > to set up more sophisticated relationships. To specify different or additional details for your relationship, double click the line linking your two table occurrences and make selections from the dialog that pops up.


              In your case, you should probably define a field in your original table as an auto-entered serial number. Define a matching number field in your new table.

              Click the relationships tab and link the two tables by these two fields.

              Now use the portal tool to add a portal to your table of matching records on your layout so that you can view/edit the matching records.


              This technique has many variations depending on what you need to do, but hopefully a little reading plus the above information will at least get you started in the right direction.

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                hello, i have the same problem with filemaker pro 4,,, please help how to import data to repeating field. tnx.

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                  You seem to be missing the point. You shouldnt. You should be importing the values into seperate records in a related table.

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                    yes i understand that  but is there a way to import separate values of the same field  from one database into a repeating field of another database ( related field). i mean the other way around. tmx filemaker 4

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                      From filemaker to filemaker, you can use import records to import data from a repeating field in one table/file to a field in another. Just make sure that the field types and number of repetitions match.