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Importing into multiple tables

Question asked by Volos on Jan 28, 2010
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Importing into multiple tables


Hi everyone, I've looked for a solution to this and can't find one, so forgive me if an awnser already exists.  I'm using 10.0V3 on an XP machine @ work.  I am trying to import a good deal of order information so that multiple lines (rows in Excel) from an csv or xls can come into one record.

The main fields I am dealing with are [there are others but they can piggy back these]:

Creation Date; PR ID; PO #; Supplier Name; Quantity; Unit Price; Extended Price; SKU/Catalog #; Amount/UOM & UOM; Product Description


I tried working from the purchase order templete to make have the relavent fields I need.  My problem is I want there to be one record per PO # with all of the line items of that PO.  I can import each line item as a seperate record correctly, but I'd like them to be in a table on one record with common outer fields.


Here's how the data is set up:

In one row there are the above fields (+ 14) with the following real world relationship:

For any date there can be any multiple of (sequential) PR ID's.  For each PR ID there can be multiple PO #'s (one per supplier).  For each PO there can be multilple line items (highest # is 114). 

There is only one line item per row, however.  The common fields of

Creation Date; PR ID; PO #; Supplier Name

Are repeated in each line for each item from the PO.  The remaining fields all vary based on the line item.  


Is there a way to import into both the Record Detail, and Record List tables at the same time (or in matching sequance), breaking up the records by PO?


I hope this question makes since,