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    importing into repeating fields



      importing into repeating fields




      i'm having trouble importing data into a repeating field, is there any way to stop it overwriting data that is already in the field or to set it so that more than one cell in a spreadsheet is imported to teh same record?



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          Hi andyg4137


          I love reapeating fields, but you need to think at them as a tool for programming, not to store data.


          So go on by creating tables and relationships.

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            hi couold you explain in more detail please


            i have created a simple database that has a record for each postcode sector (4500 records) ach record will then log when we last delivered to them, the despatch code and the amount of households in each delivery.


            this allows me to track when a sector was last delivered to and how many too. what would be best to do this?





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              I think ( my english isn't so good ) that you'll need 2 tables more in addition to the one ( Sectors ? ) that now you have ...


              Deliveries Lines Items


              A delivery can reach multiple sectors in a given date
              a sector can be reached by more than a delivery


              so you need to create a many to many relationship.


              BTW: I do not understand what type of data you have to import.