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Importing Invoices into the FMP13 starter solution

Question asked by violinmike on Sep 18, 2014
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Importing Invoices into the FMP13 starter solution


I've had a dig around the archives to find an answer to this one, but no joy.

I'm trying to import invoice data from an excel spreadsheet into FMP.

The spreadsheet setup is basically as follows:

Columns: invoice Number, Date, Customer name, Total, then each Item being sold has a column of its own.

The price of each item in a given record (row) is located in the relevant column for the item and the total is calculated automatically. It's not a very sophisticated setup. For example, there's no indication of how many of each item were sold, or what discount was given, just a figure in the cell and a total.

I've managed to import the invoice numbers and dates, but getting customer and item info seems more difficult (as they are fetched from a different table within FileMaker?)

What's my best bet for importing these into the new FMP solution? We're talking over 1500 invoices some with multiple items, so I'm keen not to have to do it manually.

Any help greatly appreciated as ever.