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Importing multiple excel files into one database...

Question asked by paulayala on Oct 6, 2012
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Importing multiple excel files into one database...


     I am brand new to FM. I'm running FMP 12.

     I have to use an outside client management software that my company provides and uses. The software is so old and outdated that I am using FMP12 to manage my client data. I can export data from the client software to Excel. I have to export 3 different files to get a complete profile on one client. So there is some overlapping info. I have contact info, account info, and insurance info.

     I created a FM database using the contact info as the master layout and created the other 2 tables (accounts and insurance) with relationships between them. I want to import all 3 files into this one database and use portals for a dynamic listing of accounts and insurance products per client.

     Can this be done within this one DB or will I need a DB for each Excel file? If I need multiple DBs, can the relationships be built between the DBs to prefill data imported from Excel to these DBs? Or will I need a master layout with tables for each DB then create relationships between master layout/table occurrence/db table occurrence? 

     Please help...Thank you so much!