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Importing multiple files to related tables

Question asked by TxLukas on Apr 27, 2013
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Importing multiple files to related tables



          I'm trying to find a way to script the importation of comma delimited files to related tables. The file names include the date and a designation indicating which table they get imported to. For instance, I have three related tables:  Table_A, Table_B, Table_C. The files are generated daily with a filename "Alpha_mmdd.Ayy", "Alpha_mmdd.Byy", "Alpha_mmdd.Cyy" -  where mmdd and yy - are the date of the file - when they get imported, the file with "A" in the extension goes to Table_A, the file with B in the extension goes to Table_B, etc.

          The files are stored in a folder which accumulates previously imported files which should be ignored since the date in the filename defines the files of interest.

          So I guess my question is:

          Is there a way in Filemaker to create a filename as a string and pass it to the import command? The idea being that in addition to the Alpha_mmdd.Ayy file I also need to import "Beta_mmdd.Ayy" - however the import needs to be groups of three - that is all of the Alpha files for the specified date followed by the Beta files for the  same date.

          I'm out of ideas and would appreciate any and all suggestions.