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importing names and addresses from a document

Question asked by KaCe on Jan 1, 2010
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importing names and addresses from a document


I have worked with FMP for a long time, but not in the recent months. My problem is this: I was given over 350 names (first, last and spouse in brackets) and addresses (divided into two sets of data: one is the street number and name the other is the city, state and zip. This data is NOT useable in this format. It was typed, I'm told into three columns in MS Excel. The data has a column for the names (all together) the street address and the city, state and zip. I want to import this data and separate it when importing. Even if I have to do some by hand, if I could at least get it into the program it would help.


When I try to import it, all the data comes in in one field. If I hit the right arrow key I can see the data, but that isn't good either.


Can someone help me, please? This is a volunteer job for me, to help a non-profit update a database. I am comfortable with FMP, but not the MS side. I'm not sure how to get the data into FMP.