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importing names from Excel

Question asked by HughCrean on Mar 15, 2013
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importing names from Excel


     Hello All,

     I am fairly new to FM and have limited database background/abilities, but we have a database that we are using to keep contact information for youth.  We have tables started in Excel that we are trying to import.  In the Excel file, the person name is labeled "Club Members" while in FM it is "Teen Name."  When we try to import the Excel file into an existing FM table (it would be best for us to import a large number of Excel files into one FM table), all the data comes through except for the teen name (they are all blank).  If it helps, there are 4 dots in a square in front of the "Teen Name" field in the FM table (layout view).  Also, "Teen Name" is a text field that is used for other calculations in the layout.  However, we get the same results if we create a "New Teen Name" field.

     As an aside, we import a "print area" from Excel because importing the table results in 100's of thousands of empty records being imported.  Is there an easy way to avoid this?

     I hope this is enough information and thanks in advance for any insights.