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    Importing new scripts



      Importing new scripts


      New to FileMaker. I just finished developing 40 scripts in text (I'm a command-line Unix/Oracle/MySQL geek) and need to import each of the 40 into FM Pro v 11.0.3

      I do not enjoy point&click, and am not very productive (translation - very slow compared to touch typing).

      So how can I import all these scripts? This is not a one-time problem, I'll be developing many scripts in the next few months.


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          So far, I see the following options for you:

          1. Get something like the FMPasteboard plugin, that gives you access FileMaker's underlying xml code. Still, you would need to code text scripts in the xml form that FileMaker expects. Then you can cut'n'paste the script code into FileMaker.
          2. Wait for a new FileMaker version (12, 13, ...?!). Perhaps in the future FileMaker will include a text based script editor. I know, some developers have send a feature request to suggest just that.
          3. Jump over your own shadow and do the point & click. So far, as I know it, it is the only reasonable solution that works directly with FileMaker.