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    Importing of records



      Importing of records


      Import Records Summary:


      Total Records Added/Updated: 41572

      Total Records skipped due to errors: 8094

      Total fields skpped due to errors: 108628


      Is there a way to fix this?


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          yep, there are ways to find out.


          check your fourty-one thousand record for possible field mismatches. Text values imported to numerical fields, wrong date formats (dd/mm/yyyy, mm.dd.yyyy, mm/dd/yyyy, yyyymmdd) or number formats (12.345,78, 12,345.78) could be the reason, missing tabs in tab delimited sources.


          You have to play little Sherlock Holmes to find out.


          If your imported data has a unique identity field, you can use this field to find the missing records.

          Make one import with full data, all fields.

          Make a second import with ONLY the identity field (hoping that it imports ALL records).

          Then compare first and second import to find the missing. If you have the missing records, you can simplify Sherlock Holmes work.


          greetings from germany


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            Awesome!...Thanks for the feedback...I'll give it a shot.


            I wish there were a tool to find these errors.

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              During the import process, if you're doing it manually, you can inspect the data of a few records. With the Import Field Mapping dialog up, click the >> and << buttons to see some of the actual data and which fields in the target table will receive the data. That might give you a clue.


              If this is an import from a filemaker table and it worked before in  a script, be aware that adding/removing field definitions will alter your field mapping in dangerous ways unless you were able to use the "matching field names" option to match up fields with identical field names. If this is the case, open up your script and update the field mapping.