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    Importing one database into another



      Importing one database into another


      Quick question,


      Is it possible to import a database into another one?


      I have 2 databases and I want to make them into 1? I want to bring across all the layouts, tables, value lists, etc. from one database into the main one.


      Is that possible?   

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          You can import the tables into the consolidation file. You have to recreate the layouts, but you can copy and paste to make things easier. Value lists will have to be remade as well. Just make sure that your scripts and field reference point to the correct new table occurrences.


          There are some 3rd party tools out there that can help you with some of the value lists etc.

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               You might want to read this thread for more detail on this task: Do I have to use/pay for FMPro Migrator in order to merge my 4 datafiles into 1?
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              Cool thanks guys.


              Also, I am currently doing that, I imported all the scripts, value lists, layouts and tables from Database2 into Database1.


              I noticed a couple of the portals aren't working from Database2. I have checked everything - value lists, names of tables, etc.


              The tables from the main database are all related and the tables I inserted are all related, however none of the tables from the main database are related to the imported tables.


              I've run out of ideas, anyone know why it works fine on the database2 file and not when I import them into another database? 

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                   You have to redefine the relationships to your imported tables one relationship at a time by hand. This information is not imported and is one of the more unpleasant parts of correctly merging two or more files.
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                  Yes, as said before everything has been copied - tables, value lists, scripts, relationships - everything.


                  Still not working.


                  To clarify, I bought a copy of the mail.it 3 plugin and sample files. One of the sample files has got the complete email in it. So I am trying to bring the mailit database over to the main one so emails will go into the mail database (Saves having it all in one).


                  Is it a question of what comes first?


                  IN what order do you bring things across?


                  I know that the tables & layouts need to be imported first for the scripts to work.


                  I will import it in this order:

                  * Tables

                  * Value Lists

                  * Layouts

                  * Relationships

                  * Scripts


                  I'll try it that way and see how it works out

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                    There's a suggested order in the thread reference I posted earlier. I'd build any missing relationships immediately after importing the table. Note that relationships may exist in your source file that do not exist in your target file. If these are not perfectly replicated, things break--which is what I suggested as a possible problem. Your scripts, layouts and calculated fields all rely on finding table occurrences with letter perfect matching names when you import them or copy and paste them into your target file.