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Importing passwords from one runtime to another

Question asked by hamrichards on Jun 22, 2009
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Importing passwords from one runtime to another


My question is whether there is any way of importing passwords into a FMP10 runtime from another runtime (an older version of the same DB).

Some background: The DB in question is a digital logbook, which I've been developing using FMP10A (starting in FMP7). The actual logbook data is collected using a runtime edition. Like most software, this DB is undergoing continual development, and from time to time the current runtime edition is replaced by a new version, with improved layouts, scripts, etc. 

The first step in installing the new runtime is to import all of the data from the old runtime. Since FMP10 doesn't seem to offer an Import-All-Data operation, the imports have to be done a table at a time--slightly tedious, but quite doable.

The one problem I haven't been able to solve involves passwords. Some users of the logbook have accounts that allow them access to parts of the logbook that are closed to the general public. Good security practice calls for each such user to have her own account and password, and to be able to change her password at will. The problem is that when a new runtime is installed, and data is copied into it from its predecessor, there's apparently no way to copy the passwords.

So one question is whether I've overlooked some clever means of copying passwords from one runtime to another.

If not, is there a better way to update a runtime? Updating a runtime's layouts and scripts without losing its data is a task many FMP developers must face, and doing it by table-by-table importation seems rather clumsy (and leaves passwords out in the cold). 

If that question has no answer, I nominate it for the FMP11 agenda.