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Importing PDFs

Question asked by Spear on Jun 15, 2009


Importing PDFs


Hi Guys

I'm seeking some help.

I am new to FMP10 and am trying to develop an application to store pdfs in a table with a container for each, one record for each pdf.

So far I have managed on both Win and Mac to to make a little progress. On Win drag and drop into the container works OK, but only one file at a time. The result is OK too - the front page is correctly displayed and when I click on the pdf it opens in Acrobat Reader - just as I need. All attempts to write a Script which will import all the pdfs from a folder have so far failed. On trying to do a File/Import/Folder FMP 10 throws up an error dialog box saying No files of the specified type can be found.


I'm confused that one of the same files when dragged and dropped is imported correctly ( Win XP ). Why not when doing a script?

On the Mac I have not managed to get drag and drop to work but I am also new to the Mac platform. I have managed to get pdfs in by using QuickTime insert and can then scroll through them OK. Far too long winded to do the potentially thousand or so  I need to import to do them one at a time.

My forum searches have so far not found a solution. Can anyone help by pointing me in the right direction to solve this, especially on Win XP with a script or a third party solution?

Kind regards