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    Importing photos



      Importing photos


      I am using Filemaker Pro on a trial basis.  It seems to have vast possibilities for me, but so far I am stuck in importing pictures from different files. All my pictures are saved as JPEG or TIFF files and stored in "My pictures" in Windows XP.  When I read FAQ and helping files I understand that I ought to import my pictures first of all to a separate table/folder/file(?) in Filemaker but I have not succeeded yet.

      Do you have any good instructions for me?

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          You just want to import your pictures into container fields.  I'm not sure how you want to organize your pictures so I'm just going to use a simple example: 

          Say you have a table, Students, that has a record for each student at a school.  In the record you have each students contact information.  You also want to include their picture.  Then you would create a container field called student picture. 

            Then you would go to your layout for students and add your new field to this layout.  Now you would find the record for John Smith.  Right Click on the field and choose Insert Picture (if on a PC) or select Insert > Picture.  This will bring up the insert picture dialog.  Find locate the jpeg file that is the picture of john smith and select Open.


          Note:  There is a box at the bottom of this dialog that says "Store only as a reference to a file".  If you want to copy the file into the FileMaker database then leave this unchecked.  But if you want to store only a pointer to the file then check this box.


          Which Tables, Fields or Records you put your pictures into depends on how you want to organize them but the import is always the same.  I hope this helped.  Let me know if you have any questions

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            How do you want to use these pictures after you import them?


            Do you want to import actual copies of the images or just a reference to the stored image?


            Will this database of images be shared over a LAN or Web?


            All these questions affect how best to answer you.


            To just dump the images or there references into a brand new table:


            Select Import Records | Folder

            Select the folder containing your images, decide whether to import by reference or not.

            Click continue and select "New Table" from the target table drop down.