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    importing photos from iphoto


      importing photos from iphoto


      I am building a database of wildflowers in FileMaker Pro 10 on my MacBook Pro 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo with 4GB of SDRAM. I have Mac OS X 10.6.1 installed. I am looking for a way to import photos into FileMaker as quickly and easily as possible. I know I can drag and drop. This seems slow for a lot of photos and it imports the full size photo I seem to have read. I can also import from a folder and that means exporting the photos first and keeping them in that folder for them to keep appearing in FileMaker if I want a link and not the big full sized photo there in my file. This seems a waste of space as then I have the photos in iPhoto and also in another folder on my HD. So it seems I either have a big bloated file in filemaker or lots of room taken up on my computer with the duplicate photos. Is there a way to link photos directly from iPhoto to FileMaker Pro? I've looked in help in the program and online and can't seem to find an answer.

      I am an intermediate user of FileMaker. I have used it for a long time but am self taught and there are big gaps in my knowledge, but I have built databases for work, a small concern.

      The database I am importing the photos into already has fields for the names of the flowers, common and scientific and other info. I use the common name as the matching one for importing. 

      I would be very grateful for some help, even if only to tell me there is no easy way.



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          It seems that what you are saying is that you want your FileMaker database to dynamically reference the photos in your iPhoto library folders, that you do not want to "embed" the photos in the database itself. What you would need to do that is the file paths to the photos. iPhoto stores all the file paths to the photos in an "album" in a file, AlbumData.xml, which is in a known location in your user folder, Pictures folder, iPhoto Library folder.


          On my computer it looks like:

          Macintosh HD:Users:fej:Pictures:iPhoto Library:AlbumData.xml

          In FileMaker syntax this would be:

          filemac:/Macintosh HD/Users/fej/Pictures/iPhoto Library/AlbumData.xml


          This can be calculated from within FileMaker.


          In the AlbumData.xml file there is an image path and a thumb path, so those are the 2 to import. You need a fairly simple XSL stylesheet in order to pick them out of the xml. I've uploaded a file to my web site which should work. It has 2 scripts. The 1st one imports from a fixed file path, so it will not work for you until you change the path to match yours. The 2nd script (which is visible) dynamically calculates your path, using Get (DesktopPath) to get your hard drive and user name. 




          If you have multiple iPhoto albums or other items in there (movies, etc.), well, I don't quite know. I have a simple folder myself. 

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            Thanks for your reply. I will need time to digest this and to see if I understand it and do it.

            Many thanks,