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importing photos into a new table

Question asked by fhfred on Dec 9, 2009
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importing photos into a new table


I am using FileMaker Pro 10 in conjunction with Aperture (using Mac OSX - Leopard). I am a newbie and have just started exporting my photos from Aperture to FileMaker (using the plugin). I have several different projects and albums that I want to export to one database. I want to work with my albums as different tables, but when I export my album or project from Aperture to FileMaker Pro, the files automatically save to the Aperture_Photo table. I have created another table, but I can't find a way to transfer the photos from one table to the other. Is there a way to either save my other albums to separate tables or move the photos to a new table once I've brought them into the database?


Thus far, I have used both the Photo Catalog database from the starter kit and also an empty database. Ideally, I'd like to keep using the empty database so that I can manipulate it more.


Thank you!