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    Importing picture from URL



      Importing picture from URL



      I'm having trouble with executing the script.

      Insert From URL [No dialog; Sales::Report; “http://www.filemaker.com/sales_report.pdf”]

      Could someone explain how to run it. I have my pictures on the local server and I'm trying to populate a file maker inventory database with links to the files in a csv.

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          Are these PDF's or Image files?

          If the files are on a local server, is this data an actual URL or a File Path? If it's a file path, you don't actually need Insert From URL, you can use the FilePaths from the csv file to access those files by other, simpler means such as using Insert File to insert a reference to the file into a container field.

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            It's a self hosted picture. They are all in the following format.


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              And exactly how does your script fail?

              One sometimes overlooked limitation of all script steps that start with "insert" is that they directly interact with the current layout. That means that the specified target field--the field into which you are inserting the data returned by Insert from URL, must be present on the current layout.

              The target field, BTW, needs to be a field of type container in order for this insert step to be able to insert an image file into it.

              I'm also wondering if the URL as specified works from the context of the workstation using FileMaker to access your database. If you copy and paste this URL text into the URL box of a web browser app such as Internet Explorer or Safari, do you see the image open in the browser?

              Note that a web viewer can be used to display such an image without the need to insert the file into a field on your database via a script. It can simply use the text field that contains this URL to display the contents of the specified file.

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                Yes, it does show up as a link that could be opened through a web browser. But I am trying to import the picture into the database. We are using an iphone scanner and I would like it to show a picture automatically.

                The script simply doesn't do anything. I am new to filemaker and don't really know the process. Could you explain it step by step. It is going from a picture url column into the built in image container.

                Basically I have a csv file, when I import it, the different columns are lined up with the file maker fields, and instead of importing an image, it only displays the URL.