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Importing Pictures

Question asked by craig5005 on Jun 25, 2009
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Importing Pictures


I posted this problem awhile back, and although I got some good feedback, it didn't end up working properly.

I have a table full of assets, and I want to add a picture to each asset.  Currently the pictures filenames are the 'barcode'.jpg.  When I try to import and match the file name of the picture and the barcode field, it does not work (the import box pops up and says 0 records imported).  I have tried every combination of import matching, find set, add new records etc etc. I am not sure why as I believe this should work.  Could the problem be in the "character set" menu on the import box?  The pictures were taken with a digital camera, uploaded on to a PC, then transfered to a Mac.


At the suggestion of another poster, I uploaded the picture to another table, and removed the .jpg using the Left(filename:4) script, and it worked fine, however, then the pictures existed in another table and that didn't quite work for us (for reasons that will take too long to explain).


If anyone knows why the pictures aren't importing properly, or knows of a way to solve this, that would be great!