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    importing pictures/music from a folder; a minor bug?



      importing pictures/music from a folder; a minor bug?


      iMac, OS 10.6.2, FMP 10 & 11


      I imported pictures in jpg2 format (jpg2000) from a folder through File/Import/Folder/etc ; matching was by record number, each picture had the same number as the record it was intended for.

      FMP interpreted the file with record number 456.jpg2 as 4562; suppression of the extension made no difference, as apparently the internal representation of the file remained the same. As a result only the records in Filemaker ending on 2 did get a matching picture.

      I solved this problem simply by reconverting all picture files to jpg format, so that the extra digit disappeared from the filename.


      Now I want to import from a folder a large collection of mp3 files. I had already forgotten the above problem and the same happened. File 456.mp3 appears for FMP to be file 4563. However, the easy solution is cut off, as I cannot convert the files to xxx.mpg or something like it.


      Is this considered to be a bug and to be repaired in an update, or does anyone see another solution?

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          Hard to figure out exactly what is going on from your description but...

          I think I would check the Field Type for the field you are importing the path/filename into (I am betting it is defined as a number, it should be text).

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            Thanks for your suggestion, but it doesn't work.

            I'll restate the problem.

            In the import Field Mapping screen I map as follows:


            my FMP file   mp3.file

            record number file name

             456 456.mp3 example

            456 4563 result


            The record number is indeed a number, the file name must be a text. When I redefine the record number as a text, nothing happens.


            recnrtext file name

            e.g 456 456.mp3

            no result.

            "recnrtext" was shaded grey in the Import Field Mapping screen, which was ominous.


            I expect the problem to be the conversion of the presumably text variable "file name" in the mp3 file; when "file name" as a text variable (e.g. 456.mp3) is

            converted to a number the result is 4563, and not 456.

            I had this problem with the .jpg2 files and it disappeared when I converted the files to .jpeg.


            I hope my explanation is understandable, and I look forward to your or anyone's suggestion.

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              Your initial response set me on the right track; I solved the problem.

              In my FMP file I converted the variable 'record number' to a text variable with ".mp3" added to it.

              It worked.

              As I have some 25000 mp3 files, it is not the final solution. I do not want to change the file names of all of them.

              So I have to find a way to use and manipulate the data of the mp3 files.

              I'll a look at the iTunes forum.

              Thanks for your reaction.