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importing pictures/music from a folder; a minor bug?

Question asked by apw on Mar 12, 2010
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importing pictures/music from a folder; a minor bug?


iMac, OS 10.6.2, FMP 10 & 11


I imported pictures in jpg2 format (jpg2000) from a folder through File/Import/Folder/etc ; matching was by record number, each picture had the same number as the record it was intended for.

FMP interpreted the file with record number 456.jpg2 as 4562; suppression of the extension made no difference, as apparently the internal representation of the file remained the same. As a result only the records in Filemaker ending on 2 did get a matching picture.

I solved this problem simply by reconverting all picture files to jpg format, so that the extra digit disappeared from the filename.


Now I want to import from a folder a large collection of mp3 files. I had already forgotten the above problem and the same happened. File 456.mp3 appears for FMP to be file 4563. However, the easy solution is cut off, as I cannot convert the files to xxx.mpg or something like it.


Is this considered to be a bug and to be repaired in an update, or does anyone see another solution?