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Importing problem

Question asked by gldiaz on May 5, 2011
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Importing problem


I must be doing something wrong or just not

understanding how to properly import a excel table in to FMk 11

starter layout.

I have a excel 2010 spread sheet table, with 15 fields and 47 records.

I open FMK 11, start up Contact Mgt starter db.

I then import the excel table, but some thing happens.

I am trying to get the data from the excel table into the contact

mgt layout, but the data will not go into the contact mgt fields.

I look at layouts and there is several other layouts.

I also see a layout built by FMK showing the excel table

I just want the data from the excel spread sheet to populate

the fields in contact mgt.  I can't seem to get the data into contact mgt.

After importing, I also get 528 records importing into the Cmgt DB, and not the 47

records which are in excel. What am I missing or setting up wrong.

Any explaination could help.