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    Importing problem



      Importing problem


      I must be doing something wrong or just not

      understanding how to properly import a excel table in to FMk 11

      starter layout.

      I have a excel 2010 spread sheet table, with 15 fields and 47 records.

      I open FMK 11, start up Contact Mgt starter db.

      I then import the excel table, but some thing happens.

      I am trying to get the data from the excel table into the contact

      mgt layout, but the data will not go into the contact mgt fields.

      I look at layouts and there is several other layouts.

      I also see a layout built by FMK showing the excel table

      I just want the data from the excel spread sheet to populate

      the fields in contact mgt.  I can't seem to get the data into contact mgt.

      After importing, I also get 528 records importing into the Cmgt DB, and not the 47

      records which are in excel. What am I missing or setting up wrong.

      Any explaination could help.




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          Hmmm, Excel doesn't actually have records. Hopefully you mean that your excel file has 15 columns and 47 rows as that's the arrangement needed to produce 47 records and 15 fields in each record in FileMaker when you import the data.

          There are a lot of different options you can select when using FileMaker Import Records tool and we can't tell which ones you selected.

          "I also see a layout built by FMK showing the excel table"

          Suggests that you used the "new table" option instead of importing into an existing table in the contact manager. Presumably, you should import from Excel into the Contact Management Table (not the notes table). To do this, you should have done the following:

          1. Open database and select any layout based on the Contact Management Table. The very first layout will work for this.
          2. Select Import Records
          3. Select your Excel File type in the Files of Type: drop down.
          4. Select your file for import and click Open
          5. Select the worksheet or named range from which you want to import (often you can just click OK here).
          6. Drag target fields up and down to correctly align them with the columns in your spreadsheet
          7. Click "don't import first row" if the first row contains the column names
          8. Click Import
          9. In the small Import Options dialog that pops up, you must click the Perform auto-enter options checkbox so that each newly imported record is assigned a ContactID number or your imported data won't work correctly when you try to use this database.