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Importing problems

Question asked by rsagall_1 on Jan 13, 2014
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Importing problems


     I am running FM12 on a Mac. I have a file with over 1 million records. Each has a unique transaction number.

     I am trying to import a file of 70,000 records each with three fields: transaction number, amount and status. I am matching transaction numbers and then modify the other two fields for records in the large database.

     Most of the time the import stops with the first record although on rare occasions the import works fine. I have tried importing a small subset of the 70,000 (say 300) and it works fine. 

     I have tried importing from an Excel file (both the 70,000 and the 300) with the same results. I also created a table in FM and imported the 70,000 into it with no problems. I then tried importing from that table to the 1 million table and had the same results - OK with the 300 record but nothing with the 70,000.

     Any ideas?