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    Importing rdf.u8 Files from DMOZ ???



      Importing rdf.u8 Files from DMOZ ???




      I am hoping someone has experience importing rdf.u8 files from DMOZ - the Open Directory Project (ODP) - into FM Pro 11.  If so, would you please give me some basic guidance on the procedure?  I use Windows Hm Prem, 6GB DDR3, 1 TB HDD, 3+ GHz, 64-bit.  Thank you.  Gail

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          Do you have any options to export the data into a different format such as Tab, CSV, DBF, or Excel? -- just to name some common file formats often used for this purpose.

          If so, you can export into one of those formats and then import from that file into FileMaker.

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            Hi PhilModJunk

            Thank you for your interests.

            RDF can be exported to many different formats - but - the problem is one has to know a specific Code Language (e.g. Php, Xml, etc.) to translate rdf to csv, dbf, excel, etc.  I am not proficient in creating such a translation code.

            Ultimately, I am trying to get the rdf files into mysql - and I was hoping FileMaker Pro could assist me (as a go-between rdf and mysql) in that regard.  To date, I have not learned a sequence of steps to take to make that happen.

            Once the rdf files are translated to csv, etc., getting them into FileMaker Pro, or Mysql, is pretty straight-forward.

            If you have any ideas Great.


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              FileMaker can also do XML imports. I haven't used that feature myself, but there's info in FileMaker help and perhaps another user can provide more specific assistance setting up the "grammar" for that type of import.