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    Importing records



      Importing records


      I have a filemaker user in another office that is hand keying records up to 400 lines per week.  I let them know that it is possible for an import.  I have the import ready and completed the import. but the subtotal lines disappear with the imported data.  I tried creating a new layout and that didn't seem to help.  I don't want to change their layout since they have been using it for the last 6 years.






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          Sub total lines in their file of imported data or sub total lines in a filemaker layout?


          Assuming the latter, check your found set after importing. Importing records generates a new unsorted found set. At the very least you will need to sort this data in an order compatible with your layout's design before the sub-totals will be visible.

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            You are correct with the sub total lines being in filemaker.  Is there script that I need to correct?  They are there until I im[port the data and then they disappear. I get the "Grand Total" but no sub totals.



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              There's no way I can tell from your posts if there's a script involved or not. Imports can be scripted or performed by hand. I don't even know if your report with the subtotals should only show records from the import or if you need to include existing records with your imported data.


              It may be as simple as pulling down the records menu and selecting sort.


              To tell what sort order is required, enter layout mode and double click each sub-summary part on your layout in turn. In the dialog that pops up, you'll see "sub-summary when sorted by" and a field name will be highlighted. Make this is the field that needs to be included in your sort order for the sub-summary part to be visible.

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                   You are an angel!  The sorting worked!  I have been beating my head against the desk for days! Now just need to know how to change the labels, but the girls that do the entry should know how to do that.... :)