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    Importing records



      Importing records


      I am using Filemaker Pro 10 trial version.

      The computer I am using has Windows XP 2002 SP3

      I have used previous versions to import documents but am having trouble with xml files.

      I have matched the field titles from one to the other.

      When I hit import, I am identfying the incoming document, but an error message comes up and says that the last field is and "unknown element" I tried to delete that particular field off of the XML document but then the error message changed to the new last field...the exact message I am receiving is: "XML Parsing error: Unknown element 'guardian employer for discount' Line number: 53 column number: 30"

      I am not getting the hand-dandy little imort window that allows you to match the field names yourself...

      so can anyone help?

      we are trying to test this to see how "easy it is" - which I know it should be and this is a bummer.


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          Where are you XML files coming from? Filemaker can only import XML files conforming to its own FMPXMLRESULT grammar. To import data from other sources (i.e. not resulting from Filemaker export), you need to use a XSLT stylesheet to transform the source.

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            What is involved in that process.  I am in the same situation using a trial version and find it odd that I have an additional step to import an xml file.

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              XML is a very flexible format and Filemaker cannot import just any XML file without knowing what should be a record and what should be a field. This information is supplied in the form of a XSLT stylesheet used in the import - there's no additional step (other than writing the stylesheet, that is).