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Importing Records - into 2 FM tables from 1 excel file

Question asked by PattyAmende on Nov 2, 2012


Importing Records - into 2 FM tables from 1 excel file



     Would it be possible to import records from an excel spreadsheet into one table IF the data matches the second table?  Specifically, we have students contact information (Participants::pk_MW Unique ID) in one table and the history of their attendance (Event Registration::pk_MW Unique ID) in another table.  The import data (via excel spreadsheet from a website registration form) would have the participants information along with the event they are registering to attend. 

     Our goal is to match the import data (name and dob and city) against our Partiacipants table. 

     If the match exists, this would imply that they have attended camp in the past and we have already assigned a MW Unique ID number. 

     Then we would just add a new record to the Event Registration. 

     Else, the the match does not exist, create a new record in the Participants table AND in the Event Registration table.  

     YIKES!!!!   This seemed much easier in theory! 

     The easier way to go about this would be to give students that have attended camp in the past their MW Unique ID number.  In this case, they could enter in the MW Unique ID number when they register on our website.  This field would be empty (or NEW) for new students.  I  hope this is making sense. 

     What do you recommend?