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Importing records from FM file

Question asked by AlexRansome on Aug 7, 2012
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Importing records from FM file



I have FM Go and it can export my records as an FM file and then be emailed to my computer ready to have the records imported into the parent database. I have three tables, Company Info, GIS Inventory and GIS Stock Transactions. The GIS Inventory is the main table and the GIS Stock Transactions appears as a portal in the GIS Inventory layout.

The problem is that when trying to import the records I can select the GIS Inventory table on the right pane and select the same table in the right pane and import the records minus the GIS Stock Transactions, so the stock levels are not correct. What I can do is select GIS Stock Transactions in the left pane but not GIS Stock Transactions in the right pane. The dropdown box indicates the tables are realted but is greyed out.

Any suggestions?