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Importing records from one table to multiple tables

Question asked by temporos on Jul 7, 2009
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Importing records from one table to multiple tables


I completely redesigned the database I was using, because I made the first one before I fully understood table relationships.  My new database uses three tables: "Customers," "Jobs," and "Accounts Receivable."  The old database has all the information in one gigantic table.  So, each record features a unique job and unique A/R data, but not unique customer data (one customer may have multiple jobs).


To avoid having to manually type all these in again, I need to transfer the information from the old, single-table database to the new, multi-table database, without loss of connections between jobs, customers, and A/R.  All the jobs would need to be transferred, but I'd like to avoid having duplicate records in the Customers table.  Is this kind of import possible?