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Importing records using matching criteria

Question asked by guitarman on Apr 15, 2009
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Importing records using matching criteria


I am trying to import a folder of pictures using matching criteria. I have a unique identifier in a field in my database that I want to match to a file names in the folder to import. I have done this successfully in the past and it works great. My question is whether the only option for matching is an 'exact' match. I don't see any option to do a  'partial' match. I can get the equals sign to come up beside the field I wish to match to the filename, but no option for exact match or partial match is obvious. The reason I need to do a partial match (preferably a 'contains' match) is that the content in the field is not an exact match for the filename. A 'contains' option would be perfect for what I am trying to accomplish. Of course I know I can rename all the files, but I would rather avoid that if possible as I need the full file names for other purposes.