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    Importing records with $ delimiters



      Importing records with $ delimiters


      HI All,

      This should be ridiculously easy, but I am stumped.  The data I am trying to import is from the FDA adverse event reporting system if you want to look at it.

      But here is the problem:

      The file to import is tab delimited, but each record contains multiple fields delimited by $:  it is set up like this (i've simplified it)

      UI$Codenumber$outcome$ <TAB>

      24$110011$DE$ <TAB>

      25$110011$HO$ <TAB>


      In other words patient 24 took drug 110011 and death resulted

      Patient 25 took drug 110011 and was hospitalized.



      How do I get FM to read each field into a single record when I import it.  FM does not seem to like the $ delimiting the values and just gloms the whole string together as one field.  I have been looking around but to no avail.  Do I need to transform the data somehow to different delimiters?


      Thanks for any help you can give me.