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Importing Records- Ver 11 Pro

Question asked by CountryBoy1 on Aug 12, 2013
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Importing Records- Ver 11 Pro


     Using Filemaker Pro 11 Advanced

        I make executables to run on other computers.  When I load a new
     version, I need to import data from the older version.
       Am never sure from which file to import from, because I see four
     different files (showing ALL files) with the same name as the application.

        For Instance, assume the program is named RunMe.
      I will find the following:   (Date and Size are actual information)
              Name              Type                                                            Date              Size
              RunMe            Application                                              1/26/2011        9,567 KB
              RunMe            Filemaker Pro 7 Runtime Database       7/01/2013       7,524 KB
              RunMe            Filemaker Pro 7 Runtime Database       8/05/2013       7,784 KB
              RunMe.V4E    V4E File                                                  11/28/2013      7,212 KB

             The V4E extension is the extension given when the executable is built.  Don't
           understand why a version 7 Runtime Database is shown for a version 11.

              Which file do I use ?  Would appreciate your help.