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    Importing related records



      Importing related records


      Trying to find a way to import records into a related file.  

      I have an auto parts inventory file with Item ID as the related field.   The related table is a Fits file (applications).  A co-worker using a clone of my databases has created more Fits records (new records not changes to existing records).  I need to import that info into my Fits file and show in the main inventory file through the portal.

      Is this possible and how?

      My main problem is with the Item ID.  It cannot duplicate and I want to add records to the related file.  Updating won't add only modify existing.



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          If I read your post right, importing shouldn't be too difficult. Serial number fields are what need to be treated carefully here. Just to confirm:


          You only want to import records from the "fits" table, not from the parts table.

          If so, the ID linking parts records to "fits" records shouldn't be an issues here.

          Do you have an additional serial number field that uniquely identifies each "fits" record? If so, that has to handled with care during the import.

          Have you also created records in your copy that aren't in your coworker's and have such a serial number field? If so, you have much bigger problem. Don't do the following steps.

          1. Make a back up copy of your database you can revert to if the import records process goes awry for you.
          2. Open both your coworker's clone and your current copy of the file.
          3. Take your co-worker's copy, select a layout that shows the "fits" records and, if necessary, perform a find that brings up only the new records your coworker created.
          4. Switch to your current copy and select the same layout.
          5. Use Import records to import your data from the other file, selecting matching names and DO NOT select the auto-enter option that appears just before you import your data.
          6. Import your data.
          7. If your "Fits" records contain a unique serial number, examine your records and check to see what's the largest serial value. Enter Manage Database and update the serial number setting for this serial number so that the next serial value is larger than the largest serial number in the table.

          Note: If a "fits" auto-entered serial number is your ONLY field in the table with auto-enter settings you can save some steps by enabling the auto-enter option rather than disabling it.

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            "Item ID" is my only link between the databases.  

            For backgrounds sake...parts inventory database uses a unique "Item ID" for each record (power steering pump part number "3230")  The inventory database has a "Fits" database related to it with the Item ID as the match field.  *Fits* contains the application info for each part (2006 Mustang 4.6l).

            I have several fits records for each part number (2006 Mustang 4.6l, 2007 Explorer 4.0l, etc.).  We now have cloned databases of each (Inventory & Fits) with new Fits information (no changes to Inventory just expanding the Fits info to include applications not listed previously).  My intent was to import the "Fits clone" into the "Fits" database.  Problem is that I cannot get the Item ID to import correctly.


            Problem 1) When I exported the "Fits Clone" info Item ID came from the related database as "Inventory:Item ID".  When I use the import function in the "Fits" database I align that line with "Item ID" which technically is not the same related number.  The result is everything transfers but the Item ID.  


            Phil...How does this effect the process you posted?




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              Since you are moving data from filemaker to filemaker, you do not export any data. Instead you import records directly from the cloned file. That should avoid this issue entirely.

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                Wrong wording on my part.  I am importing directly from the Filemaker "Fits clone" file.  The problem with the Item ID is still an issue.

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                  It shouldn't be an issue. When you set up the field mapping to import the records, Filemaker assumes the table of the current layout is the target you want to receive the imported data that's why I instructed you to first select a layout that refers to the "fits" records. Then, after you select the file from which you want to import data, you select the desired table from that file's list of available tables. (It's a drop down at the top of the field mapping dialog.)


                  You should select this table of related records and then you should only see fields from this selected table (Fits). Any fields from the Inventory table should not even be visible on this list at this point. When you select the matching names option, all the fields should align by name and you should see only the fields from your "fits" table on both sides since you are importing from a copy of the same file.


                  I'm guessing you didn't select the correct source table, when setting up the import.

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                    Got it figured out.  Was doing all the above...I thought.  Not sure what I changed.

                    Thanks for your input.