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    Importing Script



      Importing Script


      Back a year or so ago I wrote a database on FileMaker Pro 7 and used it quite a bit.  Lately I"ve been updating the database in FileMaker Pro 10, have made lots of changes and I would like to import the data from the old database to the new one.  I've been toying with trying to do an import script but I really don't know what I'm doing.  I add the "Import Records" to the script, but don't know what to put in the "Specifi Data Source". In "File Type" I have "All Files (*.*).  Since the data that I want to import is on another computer, I did not click on "Add Files" for the script. In the "Specifi Import Order", I've gone to each layout for the target, Arranged by: matching names, Charecter Set is: Windows (ANSI) and the "Import Action" is on "Add New Records" and then on the next Import Records, I've added the portal for the target.


      Assuming that I'm doing this correctly, I don't know how to run it to import the information from the other database.


      Can you help me try to set this up to run properly?


      Thank you.







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          You'll need to click on the "Add File" button.


          Use the dialog that pops up to select the file that stores the data you want to import just like you were opening it from the file menu. If it's a hosted file, you can use Open Remote for example, to find and open the file.


          This needs to be done with a separate Import step for each table from which you want to import data.

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            OK, I've gone ahead and added the files to everything.  Now, how do I use the script to import?




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              First make sure you have a back up copy of your data base so you can throw out your current copy of the file and try again if the script doesn't work right. Import Records can modify a lot of data in your target file in a number of different ways depending on the options you selected in your script.


              Then, run your script. If designed correctly, your script should be able to import from each table in turn.


              Once the import is finished, inspect your data and make what tests you feel are necessary to confirm that the data was correctly imported.

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                I'm sorry but I don't know how to go about running the script.  Can you walk me through it step by stept.


                Thanks again.

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                  How you run the script depends on how you've set up your database file.


                  You can attach this script to a button:

                  Enter layout mode and use the button tool to add a new button to your layout.

                  Select your import script as the script to be performed when the button is clicked.


                  You can run the script from the scripts menu.

                  If the include in menu option is selected for your script, you simply pull down the menu and select the script to see it run.


                  You have used Manage Scripts to create this script haven't you?

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                       I tried it and it worked...Thank you very much for your help.