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    Importing stock prices



      Importing stock prices


           I have been successfully importing stock prices from a downloaded spread sheet from Google Finance for years with my PC based FM Pro. I recentlly switched to an IMAC and have FM Pro 10 installed on it. When I attempt to import the stock prices in with excel or csv formats  the source fields as displayed on FM are greyed out and I can not import. Any ideas?

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               Using the same (or converte) database from FMP ver? from PC?   Database is on the iMac?

               Using same downloaded spread sheets from PC?

               Can you import a simple test CSV or Excel doc?

               Suggested info needed when asking   Please Help Us to Help You...

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                 I am using a new Imac with Mountain Lion and FM pro Version 10. I am using a single user mode. I have used FM intermittently for many years.

                 I can not find any  stock price file I can download from Vanguard, Morningstar, or Google Finance or Sdhwab that I can sucessfully import to my FM file. In each case I have Opened the downloaded file in "Numbers" then tried exporting from number as CSV and excel formats. But all are greyed out when I try to import the records to my FM file.


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                   From what I have been trying with this issue, and what I have read elsewhere, Numbers on the MAC with mountain lion may not be fully compatable with Filemaker Pro 10. In fact I am not sure it is fully compatible with any version of Filemaker. I have successfully transfered my years old financial file to the MAC from the PC and can open it and use it fine. But I don't seem to be able to import data updates from any kind of Numbers produced file, whether it be exl or csv. I will have to buy Excel or find another solution. Would Google docs adapt a Filemaker produced data base? Would Filemaker work if I bought the update to FM 12?

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                     Can you download a tab or csv file directly from Google Docs? Why do you need Numbers at all?

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                       I tried importing from a google finance download but could not. The file was "greyed out" in the input selection page on FM 10.


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                         And what kind of file format can you download? Do you have any choices? What file extension?

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                           The file I download from Google finance is an .....csv.xls file, whatever that is. It does not seem to be recognized by FM 10 as either a csv or excel file.

                           Thanks so much for your interest and efforts.



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                             You might try renaming the file by removing the .xls file to see if you can then import it as csv.