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    Importing tab deliminated txt.file



      Importing tab deliminated txt.file


      Importing a Tab-separate txt.file  with a field which consist of different values, they are entered with a comma seperating each value, 

      eg: [EQUIP, FXT, GWILL, NAME] which i need to convert it to read: [Equipment, Fixtures, Goodwill, Company Name] my problem is that the order it comes with does not always match, it comes in different orders all the time. eg:  NAME,EQUIP,FXT,GWILL how do I ensure my outcome will always be the same. The order changes all the time.

      Any Ideas would be helpful, willing to try anything. Gerald

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          Replace field contents with the calculation option could use this expression:

          Substitute ( TextField ; ["EQUIP" ; "Equipment" ] ; ["FXT" ; "Fixtures" ] ; ["GWILL" ; "Goodwill" ] ; ["NAME" ; "Company Name"] )

          This will not change the order in which they appear but will convert the original text into the new. Substitute is case sensitive. This expression assumes that the text is all caps when first imported.