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    Importing templates with images



      Importing templates with images


           When I first started using FileMaker I was just using some templates. Now that I'm creating a database for our business I would like to import the templates to my new database and use the information in them. I did not have any trouble doing this with my contacts and bids. However, I have a templates with an image in it and when I try to import that file it does not import any of the information. I tried importing exactly the same way I imported the other files but none of the information came up. Will FileMaker not let me import images with templates? Or do I need to do something different to import a template with an image?            


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          Could it be possible that your templates were "referencing" images. Look here if so. If this is the case and you don't have the same set up pointing at the images they will come up missing.

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                 I put the images in the template by 'copying' and 'pasting' them. Not only is the image not coming up but none of the other information is coming through when I try to import the template. 

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                   Did you copy and paste into a container field or directly onto the layout? You can't import images that were pasted onto the layout, you'd need to copy them from that layout and paste them onto a layout of your new file.

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                     I'm not sure I understand the difference between parsing them into the container field and pasting it directly onto the layout. In the template there was a space to put in an image so I just pasted the image into that space….I don't think I put it directly into the layout. Is there a way I can go back and do that so I don't have to start all over?

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                       Data in a field can be imported. Data that is not in a field cannot be imported.

                       Pasting data into a container field stores a copy of the image into the container field and you should be able to import that image into the container field of a new file. If you enter layout mode and paste the image that way, you have not put the image in a container field and it cannot be imported into another file.

                       So the key question, is did you paste this image while in browse or layout mode? If you pasted it while in Browse mode, you pasted it into a container field and you can import the image into another file. If you pasted while in layout mode, you did not and you'll have to copy/paste the image from the old file into the new.

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                         It was done while in browse mode. I tried importing the template files again and it it says:

                         Import Records Summary:

                         Total records added / updated: 1

                         No errors 

                         Table created: <none>


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                           What options did you specify during the import?

                           What was the current found set in your source table? Import records imports the current found set if the source file is open so you may need to do a show all records in that file and for that table before importing.

                           If this is a FileMaker Starter solution, which one? And from what version of FileMaker?

                           Many such solutions show data from more than one table on the same layout. To import all of the data into a different file requires that you import records from each table in turn so you'll need to learn the structure of the original template and the design of the layout where you pasted this image in order to figure out what is going on here.

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                             I just did the normal import, I did not specify anything. I made sure I closed out the template so it wasn't open while I was trying to import it. The template I'm using is Content Management from FileMaker Pro 12.

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                               You have to specify options during the import. You can't NOT specify options and still import anything. The Import Records dialog requires you to first select the source file, then the source table, then you select options for the type of import and what fields in the target table map to particular fields in the source table. Then a final small dialog pops up and asks to specify additional options...

                               And if you have only one record in the current found set of the Content Management Table, you'll only import one record if the file is open at the time you import records.