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Importing text file and modifying text

Question asked by DennisPrickett on May 30, 2011
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Importing text file and modifying text


I am creating a database of my wife's large collection of children's books. Instead of entering each of the 800-ish books manually, I am using Dragon Dictation on my iPad (very cool) to capture the title, author, illustrator, genre and curriculum category for each book into separate fields.  I now have a text file with all of the information for each book on a single line, as follows:

Alexander who used to be rich last Sunday author Judith Viorst illustrator Ray Cruz genre fiction

Invasion of the giant bugs author AJ Wood illustrator Wayne Anderson genre fiction category insects

It's a spoon not a shovel author Carolyn Buehner illustrator Mark Beuhner

The words "author", "illustrator", "genre", and "category" need to be lost from each line.  Each line does not necessarily have the illustrator, genre, or category.  I also need to correct the capitalization in the title (each word capitalized except 'a', 'and', 'of', 'the', 'to ect unless they start the title), or maybe it would be easier to make the title all caps.

How to script this?