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    importing text file help



      importing text file help


      wondering if there is a solution to my issues importing text files. Currently I have an executable PDF to place orders. After the order is placed I want to import the correct information into a table in FM which I've made. I convert the PDF to a text file to import. When I try to import the file however, each field of the text file shows as an individual record, so when I import I get 100 new records rather than having the necessary fields populated in a single record. Is there a way to work this out, to map the correct entry to the correct field and not import any of the fields that aren't needed? 

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          Seems to me that 100 separate records may make for a more sensible design than just one record. A typical invoice or order in a relational database system usually consists of at least a parent record (invoice or order) and a set of child records (Line items or invoice data) that list the individual records that make up the order.

          You may find that you need to import the text into an intermediate table and then use a script to move the data into your final table or tables.