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    importing timestamp as date



      importing timestamp as date


      I'm working with data that will be imported from a csv. One of the fields, "Created Date" appears as" 'Oct 30 2009 9:34 AM" when viewed in a spreadsheet program (Open Office Calc). The leading apostrophe identifies it as being a numeric format, I believe. In Open Office if I use the function DATEVALUE on data in that field and then format the cells as Date I receive the rseult I'm looking for, e.g. 10/30/2009, which can then be sorted in chronological order.  

      I can't figure out how to achieve the same result in FM Pro , having tried all sorts of appraoaches (nooby here and to FM  btw). Any ideas?



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          "I can't figure out how to achieve the same result in FM Pro ,"

          What result is that?  Do you mean that you want to import the timestamp only as a date?  Or do you mean that you want the result to display on your layouts as Oct 30 2009 9:34 AM?

          Have you tried importing the timestamp into a date?  It should work fine.  If it does not work then you the actual data must be Oct 30 2009 9:34 AM as text which will mean a conversion once inside FileMaker.  You would need to import into a text field and then a date field can convert it.  Here is one way:

          Create a text field called textDate.  You will import your pseudo timestamp into textDate.  Then create a calculation (result is date) with:

          Date (
          Ceiling ( Position ( "janfebmaraprmayjunjulaugsepoctnovdec" ; LeftWords ( text ;  1 ) ; 1 ; 1 ) / 3 ) ;
          MiddleWords ( text ; 2 ; 1  )  ;
          MiddleWords ( text ; 3 ; 1 )

          After your import, check this date calculation.  If it displays as you wish, go back and change it to a date field.  The values from the calculation will remain as actual data and you can then delete the text field.

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            Thanks LaRetta! works perfectly and I appreciate your help very much. I'll get back to trying to flatten my FM learning curve and, hopefully, sometime in the future be able to help out a nooby too.